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Lawn Maintenance Services - Tree & Shrub Trimming

Our professional maintenance services are second to none. We prefer to develop an annual maintenance plan for your property but we are also happy to provide our services on an "as needed" basis.
Our Maintenance Services include:
Lawn Maintenance Lawn mowing (Cutting to the proper height according to season helps achieve well-manicured consistency.)
Shrub & Tree Trimming (Timely trimming promotes new growth and helps maintain the shape of the plant or tree.)
Planting Bed Refreshing (Redistributing and/or adding new mulch or stone along with weed removal refreshes the look of your beds.)
New Mulch Installation (When your planting beds have become bare and depleted, it's time to replace the remaining mulch.)
Lawn Aeration (Aeration alleviates compacted soil, allowing air, water and fertilizers to reach the grass roots)
De-Thatching (Necessary to remove the dead layer of built up thatch that can harbour disease, provide a home for insects and block the efficient infiltration of water)
Watering Services (Provided on a regular basis or when you are away for an extended period.)
Spring and Summer Clean-Up (We take care of the removal of leaves fallen branches and other debris.)
Outdoor Debris Collection & Removal (One call does it all. we'll clean up your outdoor area and haul away the refuse.)


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